HRMS and Payroll

Over period of time we studied needs of companies and realized that organization need a web based platform which can cater to various needs, beyond core Order to Cash and Procure to Pay Cycles, of organization in cost effective and simplified manner. A high level overview of our solution is as given below:

  • Attendance Management taking care different modes of attendance punching like Biometric, Mobile, Manual, SMS etc. It also takes care of Out Door Duty, Leaves, Tours, and Regularization etc.
  • Tour and travel management with suitable workflows and intimation and data extract for taking the entries to ERP Systems like SAP, Oracle, Infor, Ramco, Tallly etc.
  • IT Asset Management, IT Service Management, Conference Room Booking, Meeting Schedules, Opinion Polls, Surveys, Knowledge Management, Document and Video Library, Organization Messaging etc.
  • Handling payroll master data, salary structures, revisions, arrears, taxes, returns, digital signatures, integration with Govt. sites, email/sms integrations etc.
  • Miscellaneous things, which company generally needs and those generally not provided by ERP/CRM systems, like Project Task Tracking, Progress Reporting, Holiday List, Employee Directory etc are provided with great simplicity in our solutions.
  • Lot of capability has been built for employee and management self-service with suitable workflow for approvals and intimations etc.
  • We have created many custom solutions for handling the need for also head partner solutions called MITR (for employee management & self services) and ePAY (for payroll an attendence).